Redevelopment Proposals
Tax Allocation Bonds or Notes
Pass-Through Agreements
Redevelopment Cash Flow Projections
Tourism Improvement Districts
Tax Increment Areas

Many states in the U.S. have authorizing statues that provide for the establishment of redevelopment project areas to assist local government with the ability to redirect funds generated by development toward rebuilding or constructing better land uses. Redevelopment's unique aspects of development and market risk, infrastructure burdens and project subsidies provide both land developers and local government a playing field that can foster a win-win situation. Today, redevelopment district financing's represent one of the largest areas of real estate public/private partnerships. Oftentimes, redevelopment projects can become political so it's important to craft a financing plan that is acceptable to the developer, municipality, and community.


  • Identify or evaluate redevelopment opportunities
  • Develop redevelopment financing structures
  • Calculate sources of redevelopment revenues
  • Evaluate affected agency agreements
  • Determine redevelopment compliance measures
  • Develop bond leveraging opportunities
  • Assist in preparing Memorandum of Understandings
  • Project agency revenues and expenses
  • Assist in preparing Owner Participation Agreements
  • Prepare redevelopment proposals
  • Assist in negotiating redevelopment transactions
  • Prepare reuse analysis or reports
  • Restructure existing redevelopment transactions
  • Evaluate existing, prior, and senior subordinate pledges
  • Assist in selling agency notes in secondary market
  • Identify pass-through agreement opportunities
  • Prepare redevelopment plans