Development Fee Studies
Evaluation of Fee Methodology
Litigation Support

Local government relies on development impact fees to equitably distribute the cost of regional public improvements that serve new development areas. The amount and type of development impact fees that are charged to new development are influenced by many factors, such as, economics, politics, and, of course, technical benefit analysis. Many different cost allocation methods can be deployed in performing technical benefit analysis to yield significantly different development fee impact amounts. DPFG consultants have the requisite experience to establish or evaluate the appropriateness of development impact fees being imposed by local government.


  • Evaluate historical fees and methodologies of local government
  • Develop alternatives to establishing development impact fees
  • Assist in documenting development impact fee agreements
  • Prepare impact fee cash flow revenue/expenditure model
  • Identify other funding sources that could offset impact fee
  • Critique development impact fee studies prepared by others
  • Develop strategies to reasonably reduce impact fees
  • Survey applicable development fees of other agencies
  • Evaluate appropriateness of impact fee methodology
  • Determine impact fee offset and borrowing strategies
  • Determine adequacy of area of benefit
  • Prepare development impact fee reports
  • Determine appropriate fee credits or reimbursements
  • Prepare development impact fee tracking models
  • Develop impact fee leveraging alternatives

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