DPFG provides a full range of CDD Management and CDD Special Assessment Services to meet the needs of both developer and resident controlled District Boards. For the long term well-being and prestige of your community, our CDD Management Team has the expertise, intelligence, financial acumen and creativity to work with the District Board to preserve and enhance CDD infrastructure, refine and plan CDD operating budgets, manage funds and implement board decisions and policies.

DPFG’s approach is based on a solid reputation for financial stewardship, open communication between CDD Board members and the members of our team, and our ability to strive to get the most benefit from each component of your budget and programs.

Our CDD Management Services include the following:

  • CDD Management – Manage the CDD pursuant to Chapter 190 and related provisions of Florida Statutes; advise the CDD Board on substantive, procedural and regulatory issues relating to District matters; CDD budget development and implementation; administer contracts regarding community infrastructure and amenities; oversee management team, District field manager and other staff
  • CDD Records Administration – Prepare legal notices, agendas and meeting packets; prepare official minutes; manage, organize, and archive official records; file appropriate records and reports with government agencies; process records requests and other communications
  • Manage Government Fund Accounting System – Prepare financial statements; implement government investment policy; prepare government mandated financial reports; coordinate with auditors on annual independent audits; perform all other government required financial functions pertaining to District administration
  • CDD Special Assessment Services – Provide professional CDD assessment management and related CDD financial advisory services; levy and collect CDD special assessments; services include preparing an annual CDD assessment roll and coordinating with county taxing authorities for the collections
  • CDD Bond Issuance Services – Work with the CDD underwriter and CDD financing team regarding CDD bond issuances; prepare assessment methodology reports; analyze and recommend assessment structures; restructure CDD assessments; benefit analysis; testify at CDD bond validation and CDD assessment hearings; provide ongoing advice to the Board regarding bond financing matters
  • CDD Field Operations – Responsible for the daily operations of the CDD to preserve and enhance infrastructure and asset protection; direct field contract projects; coordinate with CDD Manager and Project Manager on contract administration; and administer field staff and related functions