DPFG Services

DPFG is primarily a transaction-oriented firm that specifically focuses on the real estate industry. The firm breaks down each transaction into four basic stages, as follows:

The Planning Stage

This stage involves a comprehensive evaluation of all the relevant alternatives. DPFG usually performs financial analysis of the alternatives and the possible outcomes at this point in the process. This stage oftentimes involves developer or builder negotiations with the local government. We stress the importance of taking the time for sound logical planning with good underlying facts since significant time, money and energy will be expended after planning decisions are made.

The Implementation Stage

This stage relates to the execution and documentation of the planning related decisions. Often, we see the actual execution of transactions differ from what was originally planned. It is essential that the implementation of planning or deal making decisions be properly documented in applicable agreements.

The Compliance Stage

This stage involves tracking the terms and decisions documented in the planning and implementation stages. Our goal in this process is to stay involved to make sure things are being properly administered and executed consistent with the documentation.

The Management Stage

This stage involves in-depth day to day management of Municipal Districts, such as Community Development Districts.