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Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting | 2016

Bill Bishop, our DPFG Principal from the Chapel Hill, NC office will be speaking at the annual Transportation Research Board meeting at the Marriot Marquis in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, January 12th.

Mr. Bishop's background is in master-planned community development with frequent involvement in infrastructure design and construction projects. Oftentimes his involvement in these projects has lead him get also get involved with public or quasi-public mechanisms that constitute the bulk of transportation infrastructure investment and value capture (VC) strategies making him a great candidate to speak on behalf of transportation components in the building industry.

He will be speaking tomorrow from 11-11:20am about the challenges and opportunities related to value creation and value capture to the Transportation Research Board (TRB). He has been invited as a "Non-Traditional Stakeholder" on the subject of "Value Capture in the Context of (Light Rail) Transit-Oriented Development (TOD): Looking Beyond Price Effects to Value Creation"

For more information about the speakers at this event and schedule lineup, please view their website here.

Bill Bishop
Land Developer: A Better Place Group, LLC
Consultant: Development Planning and Financing Group (DPFG)
Ph.D. Student: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of City and Regional Planning